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Since: 2008



The Iranian Pharmaceutical Landscape

Within the Iranian pharmaceutical industry, different types of companies have been established. They can be classified under the following four categories. The first include those which are mainly concerned with producing raw chemical materials and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). The second include suppliers, and these are either manufacturers of the finished products (tablets, capsules, ampules, etc.), or the importers of drugs and medicine in different forms. Distribution companies comprise the third category, and they are responsible mainly for warehousing and logistics between suppliers and pharmacies. They buy and receive the finished products from suppliers, store them, and manage financial issues as well as dispatching and shipment to pharmacies after receiving their purchasing orders. The fourth category of active firms in the industry include pharmacies. These are either retail pharmacies or those that function as a department within Iranian hospital structure. There are limited number of governmental chain pharmacies belonging to public medical science universities, and the private sector owns only standalone retail shops. The latter include, among others, the pharmacies that are located in private hospitals.

Establishment of EXIRPD

EXIR Pharmaceutical Distribution Company (EXIRPD), as the name implies, is among the third types of companies and currently plays an important role in the Iranian pharmaceutical landscape. It is owned by Tamin Pharmaceutical Investment Company (TPICO). TPICO is the largest pharmaceutical holding company in Iran, has been operating since 1992. TIPICO is the largest Iranian exporter of pharmaceutical products. This huge holding company owns several companies in all four mentioned categories.

EXIRPD was founded as TIPICO’s third distribution company in 2008 and started its official activities soon after its foundation.  Six shareholders of the Company are Darou Pakhsh Holding, Darou Pakhsh Distribution Co, Exir pharma­ceutical Co, Darou Pakhsh pharmaceutical mfg. Co, Aburaihan Co and Zahravi Company.

Company’s five core values are: customer orienta­tion, professional and public ethics, knowledge-based structure, excellence and innovation, organizational attachment and commitment.

Since its foundation, Company policies and practices have been constantly revised and improved, and these enhancements have enabled to respond suitably to changes in the external environment. This ongoing transformation and achievements during the recent years has resulted in remarkable elevation in the corporate image. As a result, Company customers constantly increased, and every year new ones, both as pharmacies and suppliers, choose EXIRPD and rely on it to buy and sell their drugs, medicine and consumable medical devises.

To respond accordingly within the industry to this elevated trust and reliance, EXIRPD has added to its provincial representations and now owns 21 distribution centers throughout the Country. These expansions in turn have led to added level of sale and profit, improved company infrastructure (new warehouses, new trucks and other warehousing and logistics equipment, more modernized software and hardware systems, etc.).

These include in particular the central warehouse in Tehran with the capacity of about 7000m² storage space and about 360m³ refrigerating space.  Company’s collective storage space throughout the country adds up to about 25,000m², and this total space has the capacity to house about 10,000 pallets assuring best services all over the country.

By the establishment of cold chain system covering all procedures such as receiving, stocking, distributing and delivering and also preparing a temperature map for operational sites, EXIRPD has ensured the suppliers, government and private pharmacies that all the products comply with the international stocking standards and they will be delivered to the customer in best condition.

In 2018, Ex­irPD applied for SGS ISO 9001 Standards and managed successfully to obtain the relevant certificates during the consequent year. 

EXIRPD’s board members and senior management team include:

Dr. Ahmad Fayyaz Bakhsh, Chairman of the Board

Dr. Masoud Abedini, Vice Chairman of the Board

Dr. Mojtaba Valiollahi, Board Member

Dr. Mohammad Hadi Kamali Board Member and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Hossein Angbini, Board Member and Chief Financial Officer 

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